Been there, done it.....

Just wanted to say Thanks for a wonderful visit to Casa Rovira. We had a great time and Tony is still talking about Mercedes' cooking. Appreciate the great hospitality and friendliness. I'm sure i'll see you all again sometime in the not too distant future. I'l certainly spread the word to those people who would enjoy Casa Rovira and Sant Feliu. Have a great summer. Mercedes, Tony wants me to ask you for you paella recipe (i admit, i'd like it too!!!).
Your guests,
Tony and Alan Maiorano

Can you quote me? Absolutely, James!!! I'm one of those "real life examples" of someone who has thoroughly enjoyed themselves at Casa Rovira,
Looking forward to the cookbook!
From: "Feliu, Jerry"
We're back n the States.
We enjoyed our stay. You & your wife are great hosts.
The cricket game was a treat, as was the first night's conversation with the other guests.
My folks & brothers enjoyed hearing about Sant Feliu. I believe more Feliu's will make the trip over.
Jerry & Teresa Feliu

On line again! Our third visit, and the best yet! Too good, really, as the following week was spent in deep depression. We've just had our photos back, and have happily re-lived some great moments, including a strange neon yellow "drink", and of course, the historic first cricket match at Casa Rovira. These documents (minus the Pump picture) will be sent soon, to add to your collection.
Eloi's pungent poultice had little effect, unless it has actually dissolved the bits of cactus which were supposedly still in my arm. It did, however, cause a stir at customs in Luton Airport, where I chose to declare the noxious stuff. The one customs officer on duty was dragged away from the Green channel by my summons, and although congratulating me on my public-spiritedness, and Germanic devotion to following the letter of the law, declared herself more interested in Methadone. Frankly, her personal habits are really none of our business, but it was an interesting revelation. I must say she looked pretty healthy.
Great web-site - we'll stay in touch. What about adding Nicky and his ambushes to your graphic map? And the cactus.
We know the recipe book is due, but any chance of letting us know how to create the creamy leek dish? Tina is suffering from withdrawal symptons! Keep up the good work!
James & Tina

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