Things to do near Casa Rovira

LOCAL ACTIVITIES include wind-surfing, water-skiing, scuba-diving, golf, tennis, horse-riding, coach and boat excursions. Sardanas, fiestas and concerts are the high points of the town's life. There are sophisticated discotheques and floor shows in Playa de Aro, 3 kilometres up the coast.
PLACES TO VISIT include Barcelona to see the Picasso museum, the Gothic cathedral, Gaudí's unfinished work "La Sagrada Familia",the Miró foundation, the Olympic sports facilities and its famous Rambles among other things.

To the north, in the town of Figueres there is the Salvador Dali museum, open until 2 AM in the summer. His house is not far from the museum, although it is not open to the public.

There is also Empuries, the extensive site of a Roman city, with some of the best mosaics to be seen in Europe. There is also evidence of the Greek colony that inhabited the area before the Romans.

GIRONA, the capital of the province is also well worth visiting.

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